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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Joyful Moments and Little Joys

         Yesterday night as i ponder and reflect on the day that just ended, I told myself that I just had to write and document my experiences in this beautiful country.  I want to thank God for every experience wether a happy one or a not so happy one.  I want to thank God even in small instances and little joys.

          After going to church, I decided to go to a local food court to eat my favorite ramen.  I decided to sit in front of a lola. She wanted to smile at me(I think) but instead held back that smile and just looked at me.  Her eyes were smiling as she started writing in her lotto ticket.  Then she got out an envelope from her bag. She looked at me again. Was she shy to let me see her money in the envelope or is she thinking of something else.  I smiled at her as I used my chopsticks to get my fresh white noodle to my mouth. That was a joyful incident for me. No conversations but i knew i was able to convey a joyful moment to her.

         Spending time with Martin is another joyful moment.  Martin and I have long walks in the morning. Each day I would encourage him to walk with me from the condominium to the Botanical Garden.  It takes about 15-20 minutes to reach the Botanical garden from our place.  Martin is a verbiose teenager talking from the moment we stepped out of the flat to the time we reach home (coming from the walk).  All this time I would listen and cherish all his corny jokes and history stories (from showbusiness to Nickolodeon shows).  I would wipe his forehead from perspiration and put small towels at his back. Taking care of him is so much fun for me.

          Many more stories.. each day I hope to share one.  Each interaction with another human being is a story to tell. It may be simple but it is simple magical to me.

 This morning I went out to attend a  noontime mass in Novena church.  Then I went to Toa Payoh to visit a popular bookstore where they sell reviewers for primary students.  

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grateful Heart Always

Each second i am vigilant  not to experience this complacency in my heart.  I am watchful over my soul  to always attribute all the graces to our Lord Jesus Christ.  It is by His grace that i live a life of joy and peace. Not by good works but by His grace alone,according to the Holy Bible.

Peace and Love always

Bible Study Retelling the Story

Last week we had a bible study on Matthew 2:1-12.  I retold the story on the perspective of o
Melchor one of the three kings.  The retelling part needed some research as to who they really were, how long the travel was to follow the star etc.. But the most fun part in writing this story is to be able to imagine and feel their experiences- beholding the sight of Jesus in the manger, offering the gift of gold to the king of kings. impatience and anxiety in following the star,etc... A very experiential bible study i must say after much reflection and prayer

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life is Good in Singapore

      Life is good in Singapore.  This is the sentence that best describes my life here in Singapore.  Singapore is a blessing to me and my family.  Though small, the country is blessed with good clean air, clean environment and lots of tall green trees.  Though weather is hot and sunny, God blesses the land with rainshowers usually in the afternoon.  My soul is safe and peaceful here.
      Friends abound  in this land. I have the Marymount Ladies (beautiful Filipino women who pray together and do charity).  God gave me an Indian friend Punam and a friendly Australian neighbor Peter and Jenny. Elizabeth is a new found Catholic Christian friend.  Ras and Katrina are new found Filipina friends who are both wives of bankers( and are bankers themselves).  The ambassador and consul general of the Philippine embassy are both gracious and kind, real genuine servants of our kababayans here.
        Most of all my children are learning a lot in this land.  Margaret is learning to sing Dutch, Mandarin and Japanese songs.  Martin is exploring the whole MRT line.  He is trully fascinated by the bus and train transportation. He is enjoying his school in St. Claire.
         I myself am learning a lot..meeting a lot of interesting people. My simple humble soul is meeting different kinds of intelligent, down-to-earth men and women who have been sharing their various fascinating experiences about this country ( and other countries too).
        God is here in Singapore and I thank Him for always being with me and my family.        

Monday, April 5, 2010

People are God's Gift

I thank God for people like my son's teachers (teacher Welds, teacher Francis) and principal(Mr. Prakash) . They are people who help Martin improve and be independent.  God really makes a way. Always...He knows what we need. We just need to TRUST. Martin is my son with autism. He is 16 years old.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ROMANS 15:13 substituted you with I

May the God of hope fill me with joy and peace as I trust in Him so that I may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


                                      Happy Easter!!!!Whatever your situation is right now, nothing can change the fact..that JESUS DIED for us and has RESURRECTED from the dead! HE HAS RISEN!  This is the fact that should bring us PEACE and JOY wherever we may be....  
                                    I am experiencing a trial right now,something connected with my child with autism.  It seems that my husband has a hard time accepting an  unruly behavior of his  like throwing a laptop from the third floor!   I know it is really a bad behavior... but could he possible detach himself from his disappointment to restore family unity and love?  It takes grace, I know. But could he possibly ask for GRACE asap?

                                   I lift up everything to Jesus.  I could just do as much.  I am not a superwoman.  I could not possibly prevent everything to happen! I could not forsee everything......  I thank God for giving me Jesus who gives me the grace to CONTINUE to PERSEVERE and MOVE ON.  Focusing on Jesus makes my soul peaceful and my faith strong.